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Why Dot Com Domains Names Are Still The Internet Kings?

The new Generic Top Level Domains -GTLDS- released during the second half of year 2013 and during 2014/2015 may bring major changes to the Internet Universe in terms of names availability, but the impact that these new domain extensions will bring to search engines is still uncertain. Today, the base of .com registered names is over 108 million. Dot Com domain extensions are predominant in the people's mindset: most of your customers and surfers will only take your website seriously if it runs in a dotcom extension. With a little of imagination and creativity from your side, there are still millions of names and combination of names that you can register under the .com extension. So why wait for a new "dot anything" when you can register today the most popular domain extension? Register a dot com domain today and get up to 33% discount if you buy a .net .info and .org for the same name in the same purchase.

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Are You Familiar With The New Generic Top Level Domains (Not Com's - New gTLDs) Program?

There are over 1,000 (yes over one thousand!!) new generic top level domain name extensions (known as gTLDs) already released and available for registration and over 300 to become available for registration during this year. The new internet era is going away from the traditional Dot Com to increase your chances of finding the domain name you've been looking for. We are pleased to offer you the best domain name search tool to help you find the perfect combination of domain name and domain extension. Searching and registering your domain name thru Domains Vision gives you a unique opportunity to register a name ideally suited for a blog, business, family, hobby, online store, etc. We've made things easy to help you find the right domain name/domain extension combination. Buying a new gTLD is a small initial investment that can be worth a lot of money in the years to come.

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About Domains Vision: We are a Company with a solid background in the Internet business, focusing in Domain Registration Services (registration services for traditional domain extensions and the new generic top level domains as they become available), Domains Transfers, Private and Business Domain Registration, Web Hosting (from shared to dedicated Web Hosting), Web Design Tools, SSL Secure Certificates, Email Accounts and over 50 Domain related services and products. Our offering includes a combination of superior customer services along with a leading edge set of e-Marketing and e-Business tools and products. We are ready to help you run your dotcom business in a safely and efficient way. Our commitment is to give you the best price/performance ratio keeping our Products Quality and Customer Service standards to a maximum.

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Search And Register New Generic Topl Level Domains

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Let the adventure begin! - Put .CAREERS to work for you- .RECIPES is where cooks gather online- Sharpen your image with .PHOTOS - Find the right fit with .SHOES - .COMPANY says you're in business - .CAB will take you places - The future looks bright for .DOMAINS - Get them there in style with .LIMO - Take charge with .MANAGEMENT - Develop a strong Web presence with .SYSTEMS - Draw them in with .CENTER - Power up your business with .COMPUTER - Offer help with .SUPPORT - Recruit students with .ACADEMY - They have problems. 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Share them with .EXPERT - .WORKS gets the job done - Be the go-to source with .REVIEWS - Make your site move with .DANCE - .DEMOCRAT says you're true blue - Score big with .FUTBOL - Improve the world with .FOUNDATION - Make waves online with .CRUISES - Move your .RENTALS on the web - Find more buyers or renters with .VILLAS - .EXPOSED is sensational - Watch your business take off with .FLIGHTS - Sun and fun await at .VACATIONS - Say hello with .SOCIAL - .IMMOBILIEN means real estate in German - Show off your .NINJA skills - Tell the world what moves you with .ROCKS - Join the debate with .REPUBLICA - Start a .BUZZ online - Make .MAISON your new home online - Sell or rent with .PROPERTIES - Sell to Spanish-speaking customers with .TIENDA - Move more units with .CONDOS - Sell more tickets with .EVENTS - Lights, camera, .PRODUCTIONS! - Team up with .PARTNERS - .DATING. 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