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Choosing the right domain name for your business, blog or any other activity is the starting point to your own address on the Internet. Try to choose a short domain name. 6 to 8 characters long is very good, between 8 and 12 is good. More than 12 is poor. Try to stick to the traditional top level domains extensions (Dot Com, Net, Biz, Org, Info)

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How to find a domain that is as unique as you are and or your business is easy with Cheap Group Domains. If you have an idea to get online or a great name for your website, we recommend registering it immediately before anyone else does. You can use your domain name for your website and email. Your domain name establishes your online identity and increases branding, marketing and communication opportunities.
To get started, check to see if the domain name you want is available. If available, register the domain name for a period of time you specify during the checkout process.
To Check a Domain Name's Availability
1- Go to our Home Page.
2- In the search field, enter the name you want to register, and then select the domain extension from the list.
3- Click Search Domain.
If the domain you requested is already registered, we provide available alternative spelling and extensions. For example, you might be able to select a .info or .ws domain extension, rather than .com. Or you could register instead of
If your domain is available, follow the instructions to complete the checkout process. Be sure to include valid contact information for each contact. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the governing body for domain names, requires valid contact information (registrant, technical, billing and administrative). If you enter false information, your domain name can be canceled.
Your contact information is public and accessible through the WHOIS database at most registrars. However, you can protect your privacy by registering your domain name with us using our Privacy Protection which gives you complete control of the domain, including the rights to sell, renew, cancel or transfer it.
When you purchase privacy protection, the WHOIS database lists the name of our privacy affiliate company, as well as their postal address and phone number — instead of your personal contact information.

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It all starts with the right domain name.

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In the search for the perfect domain name:

We all share the same dream.To find a domain name that will make your website show up first in all the organic searches that your customers perform on a daily basis looking after your products or services. The amount of visits that you get to your website without the need of investing in paid advertising is an asset that will become part of the value of the domain name of your choice. Altough there are thousands of new domain extensions that you can use for your domain registration, please consider that the dot com domain extension is the most popular and easy to remember. Of course, once you find and register the perfect domain name fou your business using a .com domain extension, you may consider registering other popular domain extensions with the same name just for protection purposes. Using a dot com extension in your business store will also give you a much better protection against copyright infringements. Avoid using numbers and dashes in your domain name, just to make your business name easier to remember by your clients. Use our domain search tool and find the right names options for your business and before going ahead with your registration perform a search of the name on search engines to see if you get many matches in your search results, this can give you an idea on how many similar names of active sites are dealing against you. Avoid the use of similar names or variations of names that belong to another existing website, this can bring you credibility problems with your customers as well as possible disputes on the name and brand that you are using. Regarding the length of your domain name, try to keep it below ten characters if possible, if you use a long domain name using popular keywords you can be penalized in your search position just for word spamming.

About Domain Cheap Deal: We are a Company with a solid background in the Internet business, focusing in Domain Registration Services (registration services for traditional domain extensions and the new generic top level domains as they become available), Domains Transfers, Private and Business Domain Registration, Web Hosting (from shared to dedicated Web Hosting), Web Design Tools, SSL Secure Certificates, Email Accounts and over 50 Domain related services and products. Our offering includes a combination of superior customer services along with a leading edge set of e-Marketing and e-Business tools and products. We are ready to help you run your dotcom business in a safely and efficient way. Our commitment is to give you the best price/performance ratio keeping our Products Quality and Customer Service standards to a maximum.

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