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Cheap Group Domains Product Catalog
Cheap Group Domains Product Catalog

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New Google Sites – What’s new?

Unleash the power of New Google Sites

The power of New Google Sites
The power of New Google Sites

New Google Sites is the latest version available by Google© that let´s you build your own Website without the need of having a deep understanding of coding languages.

It´s design tools are quite friendly and you can select your look and feel from a set of available templates, colours and fonts .

You can build a fully responsive website in simple steps and:

  • Modify it any times you need
  • Add additional pages
  • Upload favicons, logos, images, tables
  • Inset HTML code
  • Copy or duplicate yout page
  • You can take a preview of your designed page and its appearance on a desktop, tablet or mobile device before publishing.

Additionally you can create and link subpages nested to your home page and change the structure of your website any time you want in simple steps.

You get a unique link address to your newly designed website for public use, but additionally, if you plan to make your website public and available to wide audiences, you can use a custom domain name if you register a domain. Simply follow the intructions:

  • Register a domain name with your registrar and keep it parked.
  • Verify your domain name with Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Go to your Domain Registrar and change the CNAME records of the domain name you want to use to make the WWW record point to the Google Sites Servers.
  • Forward your non WWW version (naked domain) of your domain name to your published website.
  • Last, but not least you get an SSL secured path (HTTPS) to your website FOR FREE and the green mark indicating your website is segure to navigate. Tipically most of the browsers are flagging all non https sites as Not Secure.

Check a sample website here at

New Google Sites Sample Website
Website built with New Google Sites


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